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Flushing your toilet less conserves clean water and saves money, so when you don’t need to...

1200 Gallons
Each 16 oz bottle of Why Flush will save approximately 1200 gallons of clean water.

Puts Urine to Sleep
Why Flush instantly neutralizes urine, while adding a fresh citrus scent and blue-green color.

100% Septic Safe
Why Flush is completely neutral in a septic environment.

25¢ a Day
For less than 25¢ a day, you can save over 37 gallons of clean water EVERY DAY.*

* These numbers are based on a household of 3 people. One 16 oz bottle will last 5 weeks on average.

Made in the U.S.A.
Why Flush is made in the U.S.A. from vegetable based cleaners, essential oils, and food grade colors.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase you will be refunded 100% along with shipping.



Our Mission

The flushing toilet is not sustainable.
We flush about 2000 times per year.
That’s 4000 gallons of clean, drinkable water - FLUSHED.
We’ve invented Why Flush to reduce these numbers.


1% (1M) of US Households using Why Flush.

Doing so would save roughly 7.2 billion gallons of water annually.





Our Product

Why Flush has been independently tested by an ACS Certified professional chemist. When you spray Why Flush into your toilet bowl, the scientifically proven formula captures and neutralizes the odor of urine, replacing it with a pleasant smell of citrus. Why Flush counteracts the staining chemicals in urine to help keep your toilet bowl clean. Finally, it leaves the water in the bowl an appealing blue-green color.









How Does It Work?
Why Flush is a patent pending formula containing ingredients that react with urine to prevent it from releasing ammonia, the “odor” of urine. It controls odors caused by bacteria by surrounding and trapping odor molecules. It also releases foaming detergents that lower water surface tension to help eliminate staining in the bowl. Additionally, it leaves behind a natural herbal citrus scent and blue green colored bowl water.

Do I spray every time?
No, you do not need to spray after every visit. Why Flush is highly concentrated and will last quite a while. Of course, everyone is different, and depending on diet, medication use, and frequency of urination will all contribute to your personal needs when using Why Flush.

How long will a bottle last?
Each 16 oz. bottle of Why Flush will last a household of 3 (average U.S. household) between 4-5 weeks. Again, everyone’s household is different. How many people are home during the day? How often is the bathroom used? Remember to use sparingly, and flush only when you feel the need.

Is it safe around pets and children?
Yes, Why Flush is safe around your pets and children. Of course, your pets wouldn’t drink urine anyway, and we’re pretty sure they won’t like the taste of Why Flush! As with any household product, keep out of reach of young children.

How do I use it?
Start with a clean toilet bowl. Either before or after you urinate; apply 3 sprays directly on to the surface of the water in the bowl. After a few more visits, if you notice a change in odor, reapply Why Flush. (Why Flush will stain some surfaces. Please spray carefully, directly in the bowl).

What about toilet paper use?
One needs to use common sense with the use of toilet paper to avoid paper build up and clogging the drain. Depending on the amount of paper used, the toilet should be flushed after 4-5 uses.

What is in it?
Why Flush is a proprietary formula which has been tested and approved by Green America. It contains environmentally safe vegetable based cleaners, essential oils, and natural colors.







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